Bond Solon logo & link to websiteDr Shaw-Smith has received training in medico-legal report writing from Bond Solon and provides medico-legal advice in a range of areas, including chromosomal disorders in childhood, congenital malformation syndromes, single gene disorders, connective tissue disorders such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, osteogenesis imperfecta, and others.



Fees are charged at legal aid rates applicable to a Medical Consultant.


Dr Shaw-Smith is available to provide Medico-Legal reports and statements.  Usually reports can be made available within 2 months of receiving briefing documents, or within 3-4 months if an interview/assessment of the patient is required.  Please contact him here to determine current timeframe for reports.


“Dr Shaw-Smith’s report was exceptional and I am happy to endorse his work in any forum”

Robin Beattie, Solicitor, Thorntons Law LLP, Arbroath, Scotland

Terms and Conditions

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Dr Charles Shaw-Smith is available as an expert witness for compilation of medico-legal reports in the field of Clinical Genetics.  Assessments, where required, can be made either locally or at Exeter Medical.  Please contact using the webform or directly from the UK Register or Expert Witnesses.