Phenotips pedigree-drawing software and The Archers family tree updated

I previously posted about a pedigree-drawing software called Proband from Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.  It is nice to use, incorporating quite a few of the features that I wrote about in 2014.

Here is another pedigree-drawing software, called Phenotips.  It is commercially supported through a company called Gene42.  Although it does require use of a mouse and keyboard, it is easy to use and has some nice features, especially the ease with which it is possible to add people, and the relative ease of adding phenotype information.

I have redrawn and considerably expanded The Archers family tree using it.  Quite surprising when one looks into it in detail how many characters are related to each other, either through blood or marital ties.   I don’t think that there is any major character from the programme who does not feature somewhere on the pedigree below.  And thank you to Coral Harvey who put me straight on a couple of factual errors in my previous effort.  Further comments are very welcome.

To view the family tree, click on the image below.  This will take you to a new page, where you can zoom in or out, and also scroll along (as you will need to do) using the slider at the bottom of the image.


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